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All our products are made from superior quality mulberry silk, certified Oeko-Tex 100

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3 reasons to prefer our pure silk pillowcases

Taie d oreiller en soie de murier 19 momme


Silk fiber contains 18 amino acids , which are of incomparable help in the cell regeneration process.
The softness of silk allows the skin to glide, avoiding friction and the appearance of dehydration wrinkles , ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Taie en soie pure soie de murier 19 momme

2-Shields your hair

The satin surface of our silk pillowcase allows hair to glide smoothly , reducing breakage, frizz and split ends.
Result, less friction , curls and blow-drys are protected.

Taie en soie pour cheveux

3-Oeko-Tex label

We have selected premium quality mulberry silk, grade 6A.
Labeled Oeko tex Standard 100, textile confidence , without harmful substances.
Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Taie en soie cheveux sec

Silky Nights

Mulberry silk, recommended by dermatologists, is a hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and hydrophobic fabric that enhances skin hydration.

Our pillowcases are 3 times less absorbent than traditional pillowcases.
Silk fiber is a rare protein fiber that has incomparable properties.

Anti-aging, anti-drying, anti-acne,thermoregulatory...

Its fabric also acts on our hair making it stronger, shinier, reducing friction and breakage.

Propriétés hydratantes exceptionnelles

Mulberry silk:
Our best anti-aging ally;

It limits the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; helps treat imperfections like acne, eczema, rosacea...

Its fabric promotes hydration, improving flexibility
and skin elasticity...

Taie d'oreiller en soie de murier anti ride naturel

A natural & healthier treatment

...Helps prevent fine lines and chapping
...Restores dermatitis caused by humidity or dryness...
... Natural UV protection and control of melanin accumulation...
...The unique ability to absorb excess sebum...

Labeled “textile confidence – Oeko Tex 100”

Taie oreiller soie action

Mulberry silk, a carefully kept beauty secret;

An immutable tradition, a know-how, it embodies an art, a mystery, a know-how that has survived through the centuries.

Discover a new dimension of comfort and beauty with the silk pillowcase

You'll never want to sleep any other way.

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