Welcome to Let'Silk, to discover the benefits of silk on our skin, hair and our sleep.


This adventure began a few years ago when I was looking for a solution to combat the dryness and fragility of my hair.

I am Laetitia, founder of the Let'Silk brand, originally from the south of France, passionate about travel, nature and their treasures.


My Encounter with Silk

My first experience with a silk pillowcase was while traveling, when I was looking for a solution to my hair's dryness and brittleness.

Until then, I considered silk to be a luxurious, noble and refined fabric but had no knowledge of its many properties.

Although initially skeptical, I was convinced after reading a few articles.

A natural treatment that is both practical to carry and pleasant to use.

From the first use, I was amazed by the feeling of well-being provided by the softness of silk. After a few days, my hair was less tangled, easier to comb, and my skin no longer felt tight when I woke up.


Surprised by the benefits of silk on my skin, my hair and the quality of my sleep, I began research.

I explored the rich history, art, legends and particularly the composition of silk, the proteins it contains, their benefits.

The process of cell regeneration and the importance of providing specific skin care at night...

I shared this discovery with my loved ones, who were all won over after experiencing the softness and benefits of silk.

A few months later, Let'Silk was born.


About Let'Silk


Our Commitment to Quality

We have selected the highest quality silk to improve your beauty, care and well-being routine.

The silk we use is superior quality mulberry silk, grade 6A, vegetable dyed and free of harmful products.

Our products have been tested and certified Oeko tex Standard 100 / textile confidence, for a soothing sleep, with complete peace of mind, night after night.


mulberry silk oeko tex standard 100



Our products are made with meticulous attention to detail, designed to last, an investment in your well-being over the long term.

In the city of Suzhou, recognized as the capital of silk, where the ancestral know-how of weaving silk thread has spanned millennia.

Suzhou silk is still famous today for its weaving and embroidery where silk work is considered an art.

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