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Set "Softness"

Set "Softness"

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Experience the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Protection with
Our Set Softness


    ✔ 1 Pillow case + 1 Eye mask
    ✔ Pure Mulberry Silk, 19 momme
    ✔ Grade 6A, Oeko-Tex certified

The Softness set is meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled sleep experience, seamlessly blending softness and care.

It introduces an elegant bedtime routine, promoting rejuvenating nights and bright mornings

Comprising a silk pillowcase and a pure mulberry silk sleep mask, it enables you to indulge in rejuvenating sleep experience. 



We have selected a premium grade of mulberry silk, grade 6A, to ensure an unmatched blend of softness, protection, and durability.

Our mulberry silk distinguishes itself through its extraordinary softness, lustrous appearance, lightweight feel, and long-lasting quality.

Extraordinary Properties:

Our silk fabric is comprised of proteins and amino acids, rendering it naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

  • Glycine: Enhances skin elasticity.
  • Serine: Retains moisture, promoting skin and hair hydration.
  • Tyrosine: Guards against skin damage from sun exposure.

Its thermoregulatory capabilities enable it to adapt to body temperature, providing optimal thermal comfort.

Furthermore, mulberry silk is water-repellent, absorbing three times less moisture than cotton.

This allows the skin to retain its natural moisture and the benefits of night creams.

The exceptional softness of our pillowcases ensures a gentle glide for your skin and hair, preventing wrinkles, skin problems, hair breakage, split ends, friction, and irritation.

Exceptional Results:

  • Hydration: Your skin and hair enjoy three times more hydration than traditional pillowcases, minimizing wrinkle formation.
  • Antibacterial: Mulberry silk is one of the few textiles that curbs the proliferation of bacteria and mites, creating a healthier sleep environment while preventing and combatting acne.
  • Thermoregulatory: Sleep disturbances related to temperature discomfort are minimized, thanks to its ability to maintain a stable and pleasant temperature.
  • Slippery: Its ultra-soft fabric prevents friction and irritation. On the hair front, its gentleness encourages smooth gliding, preventing tangles, split ends, and breakage. Curls regain their natural shape.

The Softness Set harmoniously combines the refinement of silk with the luxury of its benefits, offering a sumptuous experience that enhances comfort and care in your nightly routine.

Ensuring a continuous embrace of softness and care, savor your new 8-hour nightly care ritual.



Our items are meticulously crafted from pure mulberry silk, grade 6A, 19 momme, certified Oeko-Tex.
We have selected the finest quality of silk, grade 6A, ensuring comfort and durability. Mulberry silk contains numerous beneficial properties for our skin and hair.

Mulberry Silk Benefits

Rejuvenated skin :

The silk pillowcase reduces friction and irritation, its antibacterial properties decreasing the risks of acne and imperfections.
It respects the natural hydration of your skin, preserves its suppleness, and prevents signs of aging.

Silky hair:

Decreases breakage, hair loss, split ends, and frizz.
Optimizes hair hydration, leaving you with bouncy curls and impeccable blowouts.

Regenerating sleep:

Silk provides an unparalleled sleep experience. Its thermoregulatory capacity ensures a comfortable temperature throughout the year, promoting restful nights and optimal well-being.

Delivery and return

Satisfied or refunded, up to 30 days after receipt.
Delivery within 12 to 14 working days.


Some tips to keep their shine:

1. Machine wash at 30° (or at
hand, in lukewarm water)
2. Wash inside out
3. A washing net will be welcome
4. Dry in the open air, no dryer

Dries in a few hours, you don't need to iron.

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The Label

The best only

We have chosen the highest quality of Mulberry Silk, rich in protein, to be your best bedtime companion, night after night

Oeko-Tex 100

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification is a label that guarantees the fabric's safety for both skin and the environment.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Return and refund within 30 days of receipt

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“Composed of proteins and amino acids, Silk influences our skin, our hair and the quality of our sleep.”

An Anti-Aging Ally

3 x less absorbent than cotton, the silk pillowcase respects the natural hydration of the skin and promotes the effectiveness of our night creams.

Its 18 amino acids slow down skin aging, improve skin elasticity and hydration .

Shields your hair

Its exceptional softness allows hair to glide without snags, protecting it against tangling and breakage.

Less friction, less frizz, more hydrated, stronger, shinier hair.

Maintains scalp hydration and controls sebum production.


Unlike absorbent fabrics, Silk prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Naturally antibacterial, it offers a healthy and soothing sleeping environment.

Improves our sleep

The comfort provided by silk promotes the production of endorphins (relaxing).

Thermoregulating, it offers perfect thermal balance. Deep, restorative and soothing sleep.

Sustainable and eco-responsible

100% natural, silk is biodegradable and recyclable.

Our packaging is plastic-free and reusable.
A healthy and natural beauty routine.

Machine washable

Machine washable on delicate program, at 30°.

The silk pillowcase air dries in a few hours, laid flat or on a hanger, it does not require ironing.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Our mulberry silk is naturally composed of 18 amino acids, its fabric improves the quality of our skin, our hair and our sleep, night after night.

Antibacterial, it helps maintain a healthy & glowy skin.

A natural , simple and effortless treatment that combines softness and comfort.

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